Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Creating True Business Leaders

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is one of the most sought after courses across the globe. BBA offers a practical and comprehensive understanding of business environment and management functions. It exposes young minds to various business concepts and helps them to unearth their hidden potentialities like leadership skills, creativity, lateral thinking and problem solving skills, a predominant must in today’s complex environment. At OBS Degree college College of Commerce we work continuously to impart theoretical understanding, orient the students to industry practices, hone their personal skills and help them in evolving into True Business Leaders. Our industry oriented approach help the students in understanding business solutions from strategic and tactical viewpoints.The pedagogy on the campus is altered to suit the needs of this future business leaders. We emphasize on imparting knowledge from that is relevant to family businesses as much as corporate businesses. This helps the students develop an entrepreneurial zeal.

Apart from classroom teaching, most of the learning happens through our tailored made clubs/cells viz. Entrepreneurship Development (ED Cell), Strategic Decision Making (SDM Club), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Club), Green Club, Commerce clubs, Soft Skills Club, Training Studios, Placement Cell, Case Study Analysis, Presentations and real-world examples resulting in grooming their Decision Making Skills, Problem Solving Skills & Inter Personal Skills. Campus interviews/Placements are at the door steps of OBS Degree college waiting to grab our fully groomed Business Leaders. Besides these Campus Placements we would even look forward for the next Billionaires of the world from our young BBA Entrepreneurs.

Course Outcomes:

  • Develop an understanding of core business concepts and principles
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Gain practical experience through hands-on projects and internships
  • Learn effective communication and teamwork skills
  • Understand the ethical and social responsibilities of businesses.

Career Opportunities:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Entrepreneur

Course Eligibility:

Students with successfull completion of grade XII