Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science (M.P.Cs)


Basically this course deals with Maths, Physics and Computer Science.

Program Education Objective

  • Critical Thinking: Apply critical thinking and enhance learning in the 3 major subjects of their choice with scientific reasoning and analytical skills.
  • Problem Solving : Think logically and organize task into a structured form for problem solving by applying the knowledge of basic science.
  • Effective Communication: To develop the ability of effective communication of scientific information in written and oral format.
  • Individual and team work : Function effectively as an individual and as a member or leader in diverse team.

Program Specific Outcome

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of definition concepts, theorems in Algebra, Analysis , Differential Equations and Linear Algebra.
  • Use Mathematical Software leading to professional development.
  • Acquire Logical and Analytical Skills apply the concepts to model and solve real life problems in related areas.
  • Attain sound knowledge in the areas of Electromagnetism, Quantum Physics, Solid State Physics for Pursuing higher education and research.
  • Analyze and solve problems using reasoning skills based on concept of physics.
  • Design and develop computer programs, computer based system is the areas related to algorithms, networking, well design, cloud computing, IT and data analytics of varying complexity.
  • Engage is professional development in the fields of IT and computer science.
  • Know about computing Principles and business practices employed as software solutions is Industries.

Career Scope:-

  • They can pursive higher education like M.Sc, M.C.A, M.B.A and they are eligible to appear Government exams for all Government Exams.
  • Excellent Opportunities in Software Industry as developer, tester, Data scientist, A.I, DBA, Network Specialist etc.,
  • Research Scientist in the fields of Maths and Physics.