Vice Chairperson

Smt.Kasireddy Malathi Reddy

Vice Chairperson

Over the years our college has been become synonymous with quality education, infrastructure and practice.

As a woman I firmly believe that women Empowerment is possible with education and also I strongly believe in Sir Rajaji's saying "When a Women is a graduate every home will be a University".

Our performance in academics is praiseworthily, yet, we do not tend to overlook, co-curricular activities as well. Students are expected to fully equip themselves such that they are able to face the rigors of life at global level. We spare no effort, what so ever in this direction.

We ensure that our students are well acquainted with personalities representing nearly all walks of life. I feel elated to state that our students on completion of their stay in our college are moulded into capable citizens, thereby, fulfilling the needs of their parents,society and above all, represent their nation at global level.

"We aim to arm our graduates with the ability and skills to succeed both individually and as a member of a team"